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The weak-tight style in poker

If you play online poker or if you read poker forums, you probably have heard about the expression weak-tight, like in a weak-tight player.

This term is used to describe a category of players and good players like to have some weak-tight players at their table as it makes their task of winning money easier. But what is the weak-tight playing style exactly beyond the fact that it is a way to play tight and weak?

The weak tight style

There is nothing wrong with playing tight per say. As a matter of fact, the tight-aggressive style is traditionally considered the strongest style in poker. The flaw in the weak-tight style comes from weak in opposition to aggressive, not from the tight part.

In a weak-tight style, the player does not want to take risks. In other words, he acts extremely cautiously, only playing aggressively with the nuts or near nuts. But if you only bet or raise when sure of winning the hand, there are two issues with this approach: (1) such situations occur rarely, so you will win few pots, (2) you are playing way too transparently.

A good poker player must focus on making good moves with positive expected value, while discarding the outcome of each and every hand. This is the art of poker and only the greatest players manage to distance themselves from the vagaries of luck on a hand-by-hand basis. What matters is to make the right move as often as possible, and chance will cancel out over the long run, bringing in the profits.

How to not play weak-tight

Every player wants to avoid being weak-tight, but many are. What you must realize if you are weak-tight is that to win a bet, you have to take a risk. In order to be able to win hands, you must be willing to lose hands. But you should never be concerned about losing one single pot. If losing a big chunk of chips is a problem for you, it probably means that you are playing over your limit.

Caution and slow play is certainly not the way to win at Texas Hold'em poker. Another element in this respect is that if you always react to your opponents instead of dictating the tempo at the table, the other players will not fear you. On the contrary they will run over you. And this is not how you can make profits.

A strong player is one whom the other players know they cannot bully. If such a player starts to bet or raise, they know that they must commit their entire stack if they want to respond. Such aggressive players force them to making difficult decisions all the time. And they do not like to be involved in hands with them.

On the contrary, the weak-tight player scares no one. If he has a monster, he will bet strongly and everyone will know that it is time to fold. Otherwise he will fold to any sign of aggression.

In order to avoid playing weak-tight, you must conquer your fears. Not let the recent hands that you lost obscure your logical mind. Always attempt to make the mathematically correct move. If you think that you are ahead, try to have as many chips in the middle as possible. Create an aggressive image to get respect at the table.

In conclusion, if you are concerned to be weak-tight, you must take more risks. Learn the right moves and make them, even though this implies bigger chip swings. If you are tight-aggressive, know how to recognize the weak-tight players at the tables and make sure to put maximum pressure on them.

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