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Video poker, contrary to common belief is not an invention of the modern world.

Indeed the first such machines appeared in the late nineteenth century and were among the first few games of chance and money at the time. These video poker games were in the form of a machine that was operating with a lever (similar to that found on the slot machines).

In the 1980's, video poker was massively adopted by the players who particularly enjoyed the pleasures of playing poker without having to compete with other opponents. Currently video poker is all the rage in online casinos and many agree that it is a must in terms of online gambling.

Since online casinos have emerged, video poker is played online. All those who play online agree on the fact that this game is the one that gives the most entertainment in online gaming. Indeed, whether in a brick and mortar casino or if you play online, the game principle is the same. Players can now find many different types of games including progressive jackpot games that offers up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes.

In all cases before starting the game, it makes sense to know how the cards are kept or discarded: this will prevent mistakes and possibly avoid laying a good hand. Study the rules of the different variations of video poker including Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Double Double Bonus and Joker Poker plus many more.

Regarding the various machines that are used to play money games, the machine that can play video poker are probably the favorites of educated gamblers. As it is easy to guess, video poker is played according to the same principles that are used to play poker, this card game so popular in casinos.

Among the different games found in casinos whether land based casinos or online casinos, video poker is a very popular choice. Using the same rules as poker, this is a game whose story deserves to be known.

The history of video poker really began in the 1880's. At its inception, video poker was obviously not yet computerized. Like the slot machines, it was a somewhat archaic machine that included rolls and played with coins. Players were able to experience the fun of video poker at the end of the nineteenth century already. And that was only the beginning.

With the era of microcomputers, the video poker machine manufacturers innovated to provide a significantly better playing experience. At the beginning, players could only hope for a good hand, they did not earn any money but cigarettes or drinks. Gradually, the game evolved and two very innovative functions appeared at the beginning of the last century by the initiative of a man named Charles Fey. Since then, players can draw new cards or keep their hands, thanks to the "hold" and "draw" functions. Players no longer have to rely on good fortune only, they can also now use some strategy.

The first consoles worthy of the name video poker emerged in the 1970s. Players found themselves faced with a real screen and began to enjoy some sound effects. Today, new technologies continue to improve the gaming experience. Gradually, players were able to familiarize themselves with the game as it is known today. Since the Internet has made its appearance, video poker was one of the first games to be integrated on the Web.

Indeed, of all the games, we can say that this is the one that best lends itself to online gaming. Currently, video poker is one of the most played online casino games. Players especially appreciate the dose of chance and the fact that they do not have to measure up to real opponents. One can say they rather measure up to their own chance.



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