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FBI shuts downs major online poker sites

If you are interested in online poker, you probably know that the four major US online poker sites are now gone. In other words Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker and the Cereus Network (UB Poker & Absolute Poker).

Carbon Poker has become in a few weeks the leader of online poker in the United States, as players believe that this is the best site now among the few left.

Carbon Poker is a member of the Merge network of poker. Except Carbon only a few sites remain, such as Bodog Poker and the Cake Network.

Why try banning online poker?

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Carbon Poker has almost doubled their traffic already and this is believed to continue as there are so few options available and thousands of US poker players are looking for a site where they can enjoy their pastime.

Carbon was a mid-sized poker room. Not anymore as it is set to become the new leader of online poker in America

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They have a nice VIP club, many promotions (you get 15 days of freerolls after joining) and they are the only site in the US with a bad beat jackpot, and it is usually over $100k.

Online poker shutdown aftermath

Why is the DOJ so desperately trying to shut down US online poker?

This is everyone's guess. But it seems that this is just a consequence of a very bad law passed in 2006, the UIGEA. This law was enacted at the last minute and was added to an unrelated law related to port safety and anti-terrorism.

This is a bad law as it does not really address the question of online poker legality or online gambling legality. Instead if forbids American Banks to process certain financial transaction related to online gambling.

This is a very technical law, but it seems that the leaders of online poker used some illegal methods to run deposits and withdrawals by their players, and now the DOJ is all over them, asking them to pay a retribution of three billion dollars all together.

Carbon Poker was not affected as they have always followed the UIGEA guidelines, this is why it is safe to play online poker there. Even at the closed sites, players' bankrolls are safe too and they can withdraw it, but they cannot play anymore.

This action has not only forbidden millions of players to have their online poker entertainment, but it has also created thousands of unemployed people, regular grinders, poker pros and some of the staff at these sites.

Not at Carbon Poker, as they are hiring given the surge in their traffic.

One good news if we can call it so is that now the poker community hopes that the current situation will accelerate the implementation of a clean online gambling law, that makes it legal to play games of skill such as online poker in America. This is the case in other developped coutries such as France, Italy and Great Britain with big gaming companies like 888 Holdings.

Instead of keeping this vague regulation that does not let Americans be free to enjoy games on the Internet, let's follow these countries and regulate online casino games. And this will enable the Government to collect well-needed taxes in the process.

Fortunately in the meantime it is perfectly legal to play online poker at Carbon Poker.

So sign up today at Carbon Poker and join the online poker fun.


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