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How To Play Against Aggressive Opponents

With online poker becoming more and more popular every day, there is a large abundance of aggressive players in the field.

These players are sometimes just the average weak player who wants to win a lot of pots, but for the most part it will be a grinder who studies the game just like you.

If you aren't careful, these players will run you over and take over the table that you are at. You need to combat these opponents so that they know you are not willing to give up your blinds or your own steal attempts.

Aggressive player mindset

You first have to realize the mindset that the aggressive player is in when you start to combat them on the tables.

An aggressive player wants to play a lot of small pots and they want to take them down rather easily. Most aggressive players will expect to take down a pot either preflop with their raise or on the flop with a continuation bet. They will normally have a weaker hand than they would like.

This is what makes being aggressive a spectacular weapon to have in your arsenal because you will never really know when they do have a made hand. They are trying to play your range of hands instead of their own hands.

Whenever they raise and the flop is dry without draws they will bet again. They want to be the one who is in control of the pot and the one who is the aggressor in each hand that they play.

Now that you know a little about what an aggressive player wants to do in each hand, you can better figure out how to fight against them. They like to play a lot of small pots where they are the aggressor. The best way to take them out of their comfort zone is a reraise.

How to beat the aggressive player

A lot of times this will simply take the pot down because their hand isn't strong enough to call a reraise. Besides that, you are making the pot bigger than they want and you are now the aggressor. This completely takes away every aspect of the hand that the aggressive opponent wants on their side.

Since the conditions of the pot aren't preferable, they will probably just give you the pot which immediately tells your opponent that you aren't ok with them trying to bully you.

When you are up against an aggressive player, you need to get your point across that you are not going to be a victim to their aggression. Don't contest them for every pot that they open up in late position, but make sure that you reraise these players more than you normally would.

This is situational for aggressive opponents only. Don't go overboard and start pegging random players as aggressive before you really get the feel of the player. You will lose a lot of money if you create a leak in your game where you start reraising everyone a lot instead of just the aggressive opponents.

Be sure that you punish the aggressive opponents for playing such weak hands in attempts to steal the pot. Take control. Aggression goes hand in hand with position. Use them in combination with position and you will be the most feared at the poker table.

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