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How to Play Draws Aggressively

There is a whole lot more value in your drawing hands than most people think.

Some Texas Hold'em players think that since they have a draw instead of a pair or two pairs that they are out of the hand. This is completely wrong. You need to learn how to maximize value by playing your draws aggressively.

When you are playing a drawing hand, you have the potential to beat most hands that are already made if your hand hits, which means there is still plenty of value to get.

When you know how to play draws aggressively, you also add the amount of times your opponent folds the best hand into the equation, which is even more value that you can extract this way.

When you begin to realize just how much value you add to a hand when you are the aggressor, you will really see poker at its best. There is so much value in being the aggressor that a lot of passive players aren't getting. Here is how to play draws aggressively.

Be the Aggressor

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You need to make sure that you are the one calling the shots and making the bets.

Your opponent should always be put up to making decisions about what to do.

Sometimes they will make the wrong decision and fold the best hand when you have only a draw and aren't sure to win at all.

When you bet you are representing strength. When someone thinks you are strong, it is easy to convince him that they are weak.

No Draw

When you are playing a draw aggressively, you are actually betting like you are up against a draw yourself.

By bluffing that you have a strong made hand from the beginning, your opponent will never put you on the draw.

When you check/call until the draw hits and you bet, then your hand is face up. You get to add the element of surprise to your draw when you bet as though you had a made hand. Your draw will probably be the strongest hand when it hits.

Avoid Bad Boards

You want to be aggressive with your draws to get extra value, but you want to avoid losing extra money by being the aggressor off the rip when you are beat even if you do hit. This is why aggression with your draws is better played when you are in position.

Paired boards are no good. It is easy for a player to hit a set and have a full house off of the flop. Avoid even playing draws in these situations. You don't want to chase a straight on a flushed board either. What if your card comes in, but it also makes the flush? Then you are the one with the hard decision instead of your opponent.

Avoid Calling Stations

You should avoid playing your draws aggressively against calling stations.

You will only hit your draw about every third time and calling stations tend to call no matter what. You will miss and lose 2/3s of the time by making this play, which will lose you money on average.

Just avoid playing draws against these players if they are aggressive as well. If they are passive then just check down and try to hit your draw against them for as cheap as possible.

Full Tilt Poker is one of the safest online poker rooms and they have one of the largest choice of ring games and tournaments, so why not visiting them to practice your aggression?

Sign up today at Full Tilt and join the fun.

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