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Fancy Play Syndrome

If you are a victim of fancy play syndrome, then you need to read this article and consult a specialist so that you can avoid being a victim any longer.

Fancy play syndrome is basically playing reverse ABC poker. When you begin to get caught up in fancy play syndrome you will find yourself checking when you should be betting, hero calling when you should be folding, and basically trying to out play everyone around you getting caught up in your own mess.

Fancy Poker Play

These players are always trying to set up traps for their opponents and over think nearly every situation.

It is mainly players who are fairly decent and have already advanced through the micro stakes. These players tend to get a little caught up in themselves and think that they are far more skilled in poker than they truly are. If you or someone you know has fancy play syndrome, then try to apply this to their poker strategy.

1. Admitting It

Since the whole idea of fancy play syndrome comes from thinking that you are better than you are, you first need to admit you have a problem, which might be hard.

You need to realize that this is a serious leak in your game and make the proper moves to correct it. Once you admit that it is a problem it is a lot easier to take advancements towards eliminating it from your game. Then it can be something that is targeted and identified, so that it will not happen in the future.

2. LAGs

Most players start off as tight aggressive players that play only the strongest hands. You do this because these hands are the easiest to play, so they are the easiest to make profit off of.

When you start to develop your skill you can open up a little bit because you will know how to play many more hands profitably. When you get to this point is about when most players start experiencing fancy play syndrome.

If you were a TAG who has recently made a transition in your game to open up with a larger variety of hands, then keep an eye out for fancy play syndrome. It happens very easily and it is a part of being confident on the tables. Do not let yourself fall victim. Go back to playing TAG for a bit if you are in this situation.

3. Play StraightForward

If you think you have fancy play syndrome then just relax and play straightforward poker for a while. Don't try to bluff or get tricky at all. Just play straightforward ABC poker for a few of your sessions. Get back into your common play routine that you were on when you were consistently winning. Focus on being in that poker mind frame at all times.

4. Talk Out Loud

When you are playing poker online, talk out loud to yourself for a while like you are explaining to someone why you are making each play you make.

This is very good for you the player to help get back into the mind frame of what is positively the correct play instead of trying to devise a plan on how to trick your opponents. It will make each play you make have more meaning and reasoning for doing it. This is good to get you back in touch with the logical intelligent poker player inside of you and get away from the sneaky little trickster or cheater you want to be at times!

Fancy play syndrome happens to most players, and if you recognize it in yourself then just eliminate it.

You don't have to stress out over it and think that it is the end of your game. If you do it now, it is just as easy to stop doing it the next time you play. Make sure you stay focused and keep your head in the game!

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