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Aggression in online poker

In recent years US online poker has become the most popular online game, attracting millions of new players. And unlike most other games, there is a lot of money that you can possibly win at online poker.

In all truth, there is really no limit to how much you could make, but there is tremendous competition to win that money. And the favorite weapon for the best players is aggression.

Yes, it is more important to know how to be aggressive than it is to know how to bluff in online poker. This is something new players are not always aware of.

The power of aggression

In poker, you can fold or check, and it is ok. Or you can call, which is the passive action, as compared to the aggressive actions, which are to bet, raise or reraise (3-bet).

Being aggressive means to take the initiative. And to force your opponents to make the difficult decisions. You can use aggression with your big hands, and you can also play your draws aggressively.

One very important fact in poker and No-Limit Texas Hold'em in particular, is that most of the time you have your opponents will not have a very strong hand, a so-called monster hand. Most of the time, you will have nothing or a very weak hand. Sometimes you will have a hand like TPTK. And rarely you will get a good hand like two pairs and above.

Given that fact, the one who will win the pots is not necessarily the one who has the best hands among mediocre or average hands, but the one who is aggressive to claim the pot, when the other players have weak hands and do not want to fight for it.

As legendary player Johnny Chan says, "When I sense weakness in my opponents, I don't hesitate to make a pot-sized bet in an attempt to pick up the money in the center. A lot of times I get caught and end up losing a small amount on the hand, but the flip side is that I win some monster pots when I have a good hand".

Doyle Brunson as well knows how to play aggressively, and in fact he was one of the first to understand the importance of aggression in no-limit texas hold'em. "I always get the max value out of my hands; I know how and when to make the right value bets and I do not make silly calls."

Aggression goes hand in hand with position, and this is by using aggression in combination with position that you will be the most feared at the poker table.






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Jan 25 2010 8:36PM EDT

Poker legend Doyle Brunson made a joke on tweeter yesterday about President Barack Obama, "The Democrats say ‘give Obama time.’ Us Repubicans agree, 25 to life seems appropriate!". Most people in poker circles did not find this joke funny, as after all Doyle Brunson is a great poker player, not a comedian. Once thing you can bet on is that Doyle is not going to make another political joke in the near future.

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